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Serving the East Point, GA, area, Waggoner Insurance boasts a solid reputation in the community for cheap homeowners insurance policy rates. Take advantage of our affordable prices and protect your house in the event of damage from weather, vandalism, accidents or theft. As part of our offerings, you get a free quote to better determine your coverage needs.

You’ll feel safe and secure when you speak with one of our experienced agents who can connect you with the plan that’s right for you. We’re proud of our superior home insurance that’s affordably priced to fit your budget. There’s a reason why we’re the top provider of home insurance in the community. You can always count on our rates to be lower than competitors’ plus you get personalized attention that is unparalleled anywhere else. Protect your house and property with home insurance that addresses your needs as a proud homeowner. The chances are pretty good that you’re underpaying for the coverage you really need and overpaying for the coverage you don’t. We can help you sort through all that and come up with a comprehensive policy that closes any gaps.

When disaster strikes, such as floods and fires, or when a burglar makes off with your most expensive items, it can be an upsetting experience to say the least. If you’re not adequately covered, you could be responsible for paying for those items lost. Getting the right plan to cover yourself and your family in the event of these unfortunate occurrences can mean the difference between paying a lot of money out of pocket and paying none. You didn’t work hard for nothing, so make sure you’re covered with the right homeowners insurance policy today.

Not sure what you have in terms of coverage? Don’t have a policy at all? We can change all that. Our friendly agents will identify coverage needs and custom tailor a policy to your unique situation in no time.

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