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Affordable Rates
Waggoner Insurance located in Smyrna, Ga. offers auto insurance policies at affordable rates to protect drivers from the expenses of vehicle repairs or hospitalization after an accident occurs. Having financial coverage for vehicular accidents that cause personal injury or property damage is a legal requirement in every state. To prevent having your automobile impounded by law officials, contact an agent at Waggoner Insurance today to purchase a policy. We assist clients in various cities and towns throughout Georgia, including Sandy Springs. Our company has been in business for 40 years, providing a variety of policies to individuals and businesses.

Free Quotes
We know that customers have busy lives, leading us to having an easy to access website with valuable information concerning insurance policies for new or used vehicles. Customers receive a free quote on the cost of coverage for vehicles by providing details such as the model and age of the automobile at an online tool. We understand that customers need the appropriate coverage required by authorities while also purchasing an economical policy that fits into a family’s budget. The knowledgeable agents at Waggoner Insurance verify the current laws concerning vehicle coverage for residents of Sandy Springs.

Minimum Coverage
My agents will make sure that customers have coverage that meets mandatory minimum coverage requirements according to state law. At the same time, Waggoner Insurance can suggest additional coverage that is extremely affordable while providing assistance for services such as rental automobiles or a tow to a repair shop. Residents of Sandy Springs must have auto insurance coverage for bodily injury and property damage caused by an accident. Most customers also request financial coverage for events such as theft or fire. Insurance agents will determine premium rates based on the age, gender and marital status of a driver.

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