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Car owners need car insurance for various reasons. The most important reason is that having car insurance is required by law. However, there are also other great reasons why car insurance is needed. For example, car insurance protects the vehicle owner from liability lawsuits. Insurance also covers the vehicle if it is damaged.

Drivers who have car insurance drive with more confidence. Individuals who do not have auto insurance will have serious problems if an accident occurs. They will have to pay for medical bills and car repairs. Also, there may be rental charges if another vehicle is needed.

There are several kinds of insurance policies, such as a third party policy, a comprehensive policy, and a theft and fire policy. To drive legal on the road, a third party policy is a requirement. This particular policy covers damages and injuries that a driver causes to someone’s property. A theft and fire policy is used to recovery losses. Policies, however, vary in different countries and states.

A qualified car insurance agent helps individuals choose the best policies. Once a driver has a policy, the driver must pay a premium. Car owners can pay the premium each month, quarterly, semiannual, or annually. The pay schedule will be determined by the insurance company. Various things can determine the cost. For example, someone who owns an expensive car will pay more, and an individual who drives a cheaper car will pay less. When an accident happens, the car owner must pay a deductible.

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