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Of all the investments you will make during your lifetime, your home is one of the largest. While the joys of home ownership are vast, there are also dangers that can pose a serious financial risk to you and your family. Having a homeowners insurance policy provides you with the peace-of-mind you need to truly enjoy your Pooler, Ga home.

Not Everything is Always Covered
Many people do not properly understand their policies until they need to file a claim. Unfortunately, at that point it is too late. As you shop around for a plan that suits your needs, you need to understand what you are paying for. Not all disasters are covered, and, if you feel you are at risk for a specific situation, you should ask your agent what kinds of options are available to best protect you.

Types of Homeowners Insurance
There are a couple of different types of insurance to protect you as a homeowner. The most commonly thought of is property coverage, and this protects your home and property and covers certain living expenses. The other type is liability insurance, and this protects you if you are sued by someone who becomes injured on your property. It is important to consider both of these aspects. For property coverage, you should find a policy that covers at least 80 percent of the cost of your home.

Ask About Discounts
As you shop for a policy, make sure you ask what kinds of discounts are available to you. For example, if you purchase your car insurance through the same company, you can usually get a lower rate on both policies. Also, proactive measures you take to protect your home from danger such as the installation of smoke alarms can often help get you a better premium.

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