Homeowners Insurance in Macon, Georgia

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The heart of central Georgia is the city of Macon. The city stretches from Mercer University, across Eisenhower Parkway and over to the edge of Warner Robins. The entire Macon area is served by Waggoner Insurance, and homeowners in the area have a new way to insure their property. You may have a home, a shed out back or a mansion, but you can use Waggoner Insurance to protect your property from danger.


The coverage offered at Waggoner Insurance allows for the replacement of your home and belongings in the event of a total loss. Also, the coverage pays for repairs to your home after major damage. A storm may tear off part of your roof. A burst pipe inside your home may flood the kitchen, or there may be a fire on the premises. Each of these events is covered by a homeowners insurance policy for Waggoner.

The Claims

Your local Waggoner Insurance agent can process your claim, or you can contact Waggoner directly to begin the claims process. Your information will be collected, an adjuster will be sent to your location and Waggoner will determine the level of coverage you are entitled to. The payment for your repairs or replacement comes quickly, and you can move on with your life after a traumatic event.

Waggoner Insurance wants to cover all of Macon and central Georgia with quality insurance that keeps your family and belongings safe. You have specific needs for your home, and Waggoner plans to meet those needs.

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