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Your home is more than just a wise investment. It’s also a valued possession that holds many cherished memories, hopes and great promises for you and your family. In the blink of an eye, an unexpected disaster can easily wipe out your home and the memories it holds. In the aftermath of such a life-changing event, a homeowners insurance policy may be all that stands between you and the prohibitive cost of repairing or even rebuilding a home after disaster strikes.

Most homeowners are simply not financially prepared to repair or rebuild their homes after a severe storm, fire or any other catastrophic loss. A homeowners policy offers coverage for your dwelling as well as your personal property, ensuring that you are amply compensated for any damages or loss under most circumstances. You’ll also receive liability coverage that protects you financially in the event that someone is injured on your property and resorts to legal action for compensation.

Despite offering protection under most circumstances, there are a noble or perils that are simply not covered under an ordinary policy. These perils often include damage or loss from flooding and earthquakes. In these cases, you’ll most likely need to purchase separate policies that offer solid protection against these perils. Some policies may allow you to add an endorsement or a rider to your existing homeowners policy.

A solid homeowners insurance policy from Waggoner Insurance is the key to protecting yourself, loved ones and your belongings from the twists and turns that life often brings. Since 1974, we’ve helped countless homeowners find affordable low-cost insurance that offers excellent protection against a wide variety of losses.

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