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Financial Coverage

Many individuals neglect protecting their homes from disasters such as hurricanes or fires with the appropriate financial coverage. It is important for everyone to have homeowners insurance to protect their investment in order to afford repairs when a disaster occurs. For individuals with no understanding of the policies required by mortgage lenders, the best answer is contacting Waggoner Insurance Agency. This agency is headquartered in Atlanta but also provides coverage for homes located in Augusta, Ga. Rates for policies depend on several risk factors that are determined by geographic location, property value and local weather conditions.

Geographic Zones

With an online website, Waggoner Insurance Agency makes it easy to get a free quote on coverage for private residences. Agents are happy to discuss concerns about policies on the telephone with potential clients. We can determine the type of coverage that is most appropriate for a client’s geographic zone while considering the most common hazards that may occur. A mortgage lender such as a credit union or bank may only require a minimum amount of coverage for property damage due to hail or earthquakes. However, it is often vital to have additional endorsements for liability or termite damage.

Additional Endorsements

Liability coverage can protect property owners from expensive lawsuits when a visitor is injured due to falling on a slippery floor or other event. Damage from wood chewing termites can destroy a building’s wooden frame, floors and cabinets quickly, leading to a massive and expensive repair job. Property owners can often reduce the cost of a policy’s monthly premium by adding fire alarms and sprinklers or placing new bolts and locks on doors. While selecting a homeowner’s insurance policy, adding on endorsements to cover the contents of a building, including furniture, appliances and electronics is suggested.

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