Homeowners Insurance in Albany, Georgia

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Homeowners insurance is required when you purchase a home through a mortgage company. Also, you need to maintain your homeowner’s insurance when you have paid off your home. However, homeowner’s insurance does more than make your mortgage company happy.

Full Protection

The winds and rain in south Georgia can be brutal in the spring and summer. The heaviest of storms that pass from Alabama into Georgia will travel south before they ever get a chance to hit Atlanta. The storms will travel far enough to reach Albany, and this could damage your home.

A homeowner’s insurance policy provides help repairing your roof or siding after storm damage. The same is true if your home is damaged in a fire, flooded during a torrential downpour or during a wildfire that made its way to your property.

Extra Coverage

Your homeowner’s insurance policy also has a provision for replacing everything in your home. You get to set a number that will pay to replace everything you own if your home is counted as a total loss.

This extra coverage extends to collections and valuables that you keep in your home. These valuables could be worth the replacement cost of the house, and you need to have special riders on your policy to replace these items.


Waggoner Insurance offers affordable insurance for people in the greater Albany area. People who live in the area are concerned about the price of the insurance they purchase, and they want to work with a company that offers service that suits the south Georgia climate. Waggoner Insurance delivers on all counts.

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