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Avoid Having a Vehicle Impounded by Law Officials

Drivers in Forest Park, Ga. must have car insurance to avoid having their vehicles impounded by law officials. Police officers routinely verify that drivers have insurance by completing an online search with the local bureau of motor vehicles. In addition, if you are stopped for another infraction such as a burned out taillight, law officials have the right to confiscate your vehicle or give you a financial fine. Part of the responsibility of owning a vehicle includes having the state’s minimum amount of coverage for things such as collision or property damage.

Understand the Information Needed to Get Coverage

Auto insurance from the Waggoner Insurance Agency Inc. headquartered in Atlanta is easy to purchase online. You can contact an agent with an online form or telephone call to determine the monthly rate for a particular make and year of vehicle. Contacting an agent online is the easiest way to get car insurance quickly with payments accepted by personal check or credit card. Buying the coverage you need at anytime of the day or night leads to avoiding breaking the laws of the state. Before contacting us about coverage, collect information concerning your vehicle’s specifications and driver’s license.

What are the Types of Coverage Required?

Your vehicle is an expensive investment that requires auto insurance to assist with making repairs when an accident occurs. Alternatively, if a vehicle is beyond repair, then coverage helps with a replacement. Having coverage for bodily injury can protect you from experiencing lawsuits from hospitals and physicians after an accident. Additional helpful protection is coverage for disasters such as a theft or fire. For a small fee, you can add on benefits such as tow charges for a damaged vehicle and rental fees for a vehicle.

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