Auto Insurance in Dunwoody, Georgia


Auto insurance might seem a little complicated in Georgia, for those who have just started driving as well as for seasoned drivers, since drivers must have car insurance, but they are not required to present a card as proof of insurance.

Additionally, as a driver in Dunwoody, GA, you only have to own liability insurance to account for any damage incurred to another car if you should find yourself tangled up in a car accident. Of course, with this type of insurance, you forego your own car’s potential damages and the need to repair them with this type of insurance, but sometimes the savings are far too appealing not to take the risk.

You do need to have proof of insurance, at least for liability, to purchase a car in Georgia. The minimum coverage amounts that you need include bodily injury liability at $25,000 per person in the car and $50,000 for multiple people in a car accident. The property damage for liability amount comes in at $25,000 for one car accident.

You do have auxiliary options for your auto insurance in Dunwoody, GA, which include collision insurance that pays out for damages to your care if you are in a traffic accident. Comprehensive insurance coverage pays for non-collision related damages to your car that might include vandalism or someone side-swiping your side mirror when you park your car on the street. A few other optional types of insurance allow for rental cars and encountering uninsured drivers. If you own your car outright, without a loan, you do not have to purchase any of these types of insurance. However, if you are paying off a loan for your car, it is likely that your lender will require you to buy one or more of these types of insurance.

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